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Cultural Resource Links



  • African American Journey: A driving Tour of Savannah's African American History, Jamal Toure, J.D. Available at The Beach Institute or from Day Clean Journeys.

  • From "N Word" to Mr.Mayor, Otis S. Johnson, an autobiography of Savannah's 2nd Black mayor (2004-2011) and former Dean at Savannah State University.

  • Journey by Faith: The History of First African Baptist Church, DVD narrated by Karen Wortham.  Available at First African Baptist church or online

  • Slavery and Freedom in Savannah, Leslie M. Harris and Daina Ramen Berry, eds.UGA Press, 2012 available online

  • "Stubborn as a Mule"  - a full length film on You Tube, discusses the impact of Gen. Sherman's Field Order No. 15 .  Produced and diected by Miller Bargeron Jr.

  • Dr. Charles Elmore, retired Savannah State University Humanities professor, has written several volumes on Savannah's  African American history, including Savannah Georgia.  His other books and articles are listed here.

  • Father Charles Lwanga Hoskins has authored several books on Savannah's history as a result of his belief in the necessity of documenting history.  Among the volumes he has wriitten are the following: Black Episcopalians in Savannah (1983)The Trouble They Seen : Profiles in the Life of Col. John H. Deveaux, 1848-1909 (1989),  African American Episcopalians in Savannah : Strife, Struggle and Salvation 1750-1995 (1995), Yet with a Steady Beat ; Biographies of Early Black Savannah (2001), Out of Yamacraw and Beyond:Diiscovering Black Savannah, (2002), Saints Stephen, Augustine and Matthew : 150 Years of Struggle, Hardship and Success (2005), W.W. Law and His People : A Timeline and Biographies (2012).  These books are available from the author or the African Bookstore.

  • Savannah's Black "First Ladies", Vol. 1: The Past, Present, and Future, Pamela Howard-Oglesby, L.E.-LFD and Brenda L. Roberts, Ed.S


  • African American Life in the Georgia Lowcountry: The Atlantic World and the Gullah Geechee, Philip Morgan, ed.

  • Gullah Islands-USA, a 15 minute video on The Soul of America site reaches back to the history of these islands off the coast of the states from Virginia to Florida, and also forecasts the future of Gullah life on these islands as well

Gullah Geechee Historical Commission preserves the culture of the Gullah Geechee Corridor ranging from North Carolina to Florida.  Authorized by the U.S. Congress, this organization works with federal, state and local agencies to promote the history and culture, preserve the natural habitat, and maintain and "enhance the quality of life" of Gullah Geechee people.



Friends of African American Arts (FAAA) at Telfair Museum

FAAA is a member-based organization of people brought together create public awareness and encourage the appreciation and advancement of the artistic and cultural contributions of African Americans. The group sponsors art exhibitions locally, and members  take field trips to places of African American historical and artistic significance.


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